The icelandic low cost airline Wow Air is struggling to survive in economic turmoil. In the first nine months, the airline lost nearly one million dollars a day.

however, It is not only on the bottom line, where the total loss is 225 million dollars, to the tabsramte airline experience krisetilstande.

According to the branchemediet check-in and Independent having to Wow Air, which has routes from Copenhagen to the UNITED states, in the last week taken over by the competitor, Icelandair.

But the deal never went through. 12 hours later was included Wow Air a preliminary agreement with the american private equity firm Indigo Partners, which also has investments in the Hungarian low cost airline Wizz.

The financial problems has cost Wow Air 925.000 euros a day in the first nine months, which bl.a. due to rising fuel prices.

the Consequence has been, that the company has been forced to in great haste to seek investors.

Back in October created the bad finances and unsuccessful investments also crisis for another icelandic airline, Primera Air.

In the beginning of October turned the key on and went bankrupt.

As a consequence, stranded thousands of Danish travelers without a view to financial compensation.