Under the pressure of its indispensable ally, the Danish people’s Party (DF, populist), the centre-right government, has decided to create on a deserted island in the Baltic sea an “Alcatraz” without bars for foreigners sentenced to be deported after having committed a crime and the foreign offenders whose application for asylum has been rejected, as well as the “warriors of Syria,” who constitute a threat to the security of the kingdom. The choice fell on Lindholm, an island of 7 hectares, located approximately 90 km south-east of Copenhagen. It houses since 1926 the veterinary laboratory research on viral diseases (plague african, rabies, foot and mouth disease), who must vacate the premises in January.

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For the Finance minister, Kristian Jensen, liberal, “it was not acceptable to see criminals convicted and deportable continue to commit offences”, as is the case …

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