beware of fake Aldi competition, The kitchen appliance from KitchenAid is popular with many consumers. With a price of 649 euros, the device is many, but clearly too expensive. As a sweepstakes on Facebook that will give ten lucky users one device at a time to Christmas is coming.The action comes supposedly from Aldi; this suggests at least two images that are attached to the simple contribution. In addition, the Facebook has spread-page “Aldi-Club Germany” the contest.To participate, you must have a User comment can only post a “Like” to pay or the sweepstakes share. “You win a free KitchenAid stand mixer” it says in the post title and in the text are incomprehensible: “We will select those that share this Post and comment “Thanks” below.” Who also share the page, get a double chance of winning. Aldi: Fake-Posting is spreading rapidly Over 80,000 people have been able to mobilize the action, and within a few days – a great success. In fact, a brazen mesh behind it. On the one hand, the provider uses the Logo of the discounter is illegal to advertise for the competition.That there are the prices, in fact, is highly unlikely. Neither of the conditions of participation exist, yet the provider is defined, when and how of the alleged profit. Aldi Süd warns of Fake lottery Self-Aldi Süd warns about the official Facebook page before the action. In a contribution to the discounters-community of Facebook, it does not mean: “Please take part in this competition and continue to give no personal information. We therefore stand in no connection.”Only the beginning of December, launched the advent calendar from Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord will offer a chance to win and will be hosted by the discounters. Criminals have it Screenshot on your data Facebook Aldi Süd / the exception It is not an isolated case. Again and again, ominous providers advertise with profit companies to play by the supposed large. In the past, alleged contests, Thermomix, Lufthansa, Vodafone or Aldi as a wildfire spread. Times Users can win prizes and in some cases, vouchers or cash packages.In General, consumers need to share posts, comment, personal, send messages, answer simple questions, or your address. The aim of the actions is to obtain data from the User. In the specific example, the operator wants to drive up the Numbers of his Facebook page. Later, the page is renamed and the User will get planted in your Timeline, and more ominous. In the best case, many wonder why you get these messages displayed. In the worst case, you click on it and expensive subscription models. What you need to do as a consumer?

you can Ignore this and other alleged sweepstakes on Facebook. Only winning games, with a participation condition, clear Details of the procedures and a Deadline can be trusted.Even more important: It needs a contact address, a credible imprint and the Facebook-page of the provider must as a minimum exist for a long time and there rather content spread than just winning games.Facebook pages, which in turn rely “on behalf” of other brands or companies in games, many spelling obstruct error in the action contributions, and only to Share or Comment on mobilize, you should ignore them or report them.Let your friends and Facebook contacts, the spread of such a sweepstakes via Facebook.