the Prince, so sharp, when he as the last man closed the fashion show in Tokyo on Friday. With the hair laid back and dressed in black pants, black jacket and a black belt he went round outside slinger.

“It went absolutely fantastic. I was very impressed by the amazing show and the atmosphere was so good. I am immensely proud of him, he did it so well.”

It informs the countess through its secretary, Helle Von Løvgreen, according to prince Nikolai went to the fashion show for Dior in Tokyo, Japan.

It is in modekredsene a great honor and very prestigious to close the show as the last model on the catwalk, and the honor was the 18-year-old prince.

“the Last time opened, and he closed the show, and today he closed it. He did really well and closed the show, and it is in itself a huge honor and very prestigious, so we are very proud of,” says Sune Palner, creative director at Scoop Models.

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Prince Nikolai took to the catwalk – a manege centered around a gigantic robot-like statue, which was taken out of a scifi movie, and with the audience seated as the boundaries of the stage.

The march around was accompanied by a gloomy, ambient synth soundtrack and pulsating and stroboscopic laser light, which gave the whole show an industrial feel.

After the prince had left the catwalk, came to the designer Kim Jones in and ran a final sejrsrunde, and when he had left the floor, the show was over after about 8.5 minutes.

Prince Carl wrote the contract with the Danish modelling agency, Scoop Models back in February and has since had the momentum in his career as a model.

the Prince has previously gone to model for Dior, when he returned in June went to the spring and summer collection, and he has also walked for Burberry at London Fashion Week in February.