All Lada cars will rise in price since new year

Russia’s Largest carmaker “AVTOVAZ” from January 1, 2020 will increase recommended retail prices on all its cars by an average of 2%. About this “Vedomosti” said the employees of three dealers. The representative of AVTOVAZ declined to comment.

Like the sedan the most sold in Russia of cars of the family – Granta will cost from 455 900 rubles., rising 2.5%, or 11 000. Sedan Vesta in the base set to rise by 3.8 percent to 629 900 rubles (+23 000 RUB.), high hatchback Xray – 0.8% to 619 900 rubles (plus 5000 RUB.), three-door SUV Lada 4×4, 2.9% up to 538 900 RUB (plus 15 000 RUB.). The most expensive car in the model range of Lada Vesta sedan Sport – more expensive in the basic version by 1.5% to RUB 1 042 900 (plus 15 000 RUB.).

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