In the case of meat products from agriculture, the conditions under which the animals are kept should be made even clearer in the future. Cem Özdemir is targeting a five-tier model.

Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Greens) is aiming for a five-stage model for state animal husbandry labeling for meat and sausages.

The cornerstones, which he presented on Tuesday in Berlin, provide for the types of housing stable, stable and space, fresh air stable, exercise area/free range and organic. They mainly differ in how much space the animals have and how comfortable their stalls are equipped. According to Özdemir’s plans, mandatory state labeling should start in the course of the coming year – but initially only for pork.

A total of one billion euros has been earmarked in the federal budget for start-up financing for the conversion of the barn by 2026. Özdemir admitted that this amount is not enough. For further financing, there is still a “need for clarification” within the coalition, said the minister. Proposals such as higher VAT or an “animal welfare tax” have so far been rejected, especially by the FDP.