From next week, Annika Lau will be in front of the RTL camera in the morning: she will strengthen the team from “Point 6”, “Point 7” and “Point 8”.

The moderation team of the morning magazines at RTL is getting reinforcements: Annika Lau (43) will join the early risers from next week and will lead through “Point 6”, “Point 7” and “Point 8” alongside Marco Schreyl (48). The broadcaster confirmed this in a statement.

As early as March it became public that Lau would switch from broadcaster Sat.1 to RTL. Most recently, she moderated the “Sat.1 breakfast television” and the “Sat.1 magazine”. In an interview with RTL, Lau explains that she is looking forward to being “among the first” to be able to “present the first information of the day fresh in the morning”. She is a “morning person” anyway and “usually gets up early and is there for my children,” she reveals.

New Promi-Magazine “Gala”

Since June, Lau has also been leading the new celebrity magazine “Gala”, which has been part of RTL’s weekend program since June 11th. The show airs Saturday night from 5:45 p.m.