He was generally “not a big Fan of regulations,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in an Interview with the news site, Axios, which was also broadcast in the U.S. television channel HBO. On the contrary, he is a big believer in the free market. Especially critical, he sees the Intervention of governments.

But: “We don’t have to admit it, if the free market works. And he’s not here,” he said in reference to a still large gaps in legislation in the privacy in the world. Technology could be used for both Good and Evil–. Often would not be seen for what negative things a technology can be used.

Therefore, it is inevitable to regulate technology companies and social networks to a certain degree, said Cook. The U.S. Congress and the authorities would decide “at some point something”.

Cook pointed to the Facebook privacy scandal: In the spring it became known that the data of nearly 87 million users ended up with the British company Cambridge Analytica and by this illegally for election campaign of present US President, Donald Trump had been used. The industry is now beyond the hope of self-regulation, said Cook.

in October, he had expressed a positive effect on state regulation of privacy, and praised the General data protection regulation the European Union (DSGVO). This was the Basis for a global data protection – is but still everything had to be done. “We would like to see not only the USA, but also many other countries in Europe would follow, and maybe even go beyond it,” said Cook of the news Agency dpa. In Germany, citizens have a strong awareness for the protection of privacy that did not exist in all Parts of the world, he said.

The path to a better data protection is said as a travel, Cook. He did not know how long this will take. People have experienced, but almost every day violations of their privacy. Therefore, going to move the world as a Whole in the direction of privacy. “You do not recognize perhaps as soon, as I want to, but you will realize the terrible consequences and take action.”