“The relevance of Mary Poppins is to be found in the fragility of our time, of the uncertainties that we hear around, is still a figure of an alchemist, that soothes the pain and unifies”. Word of Emily Blunt that 54 years after the beloved original with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke falls again in the role of the nanny, the most famous movie in the world in Mary Poppins comes back, the 20 December in cinemas all over the world. In the film, this is full of songs and choreography, directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago, Into the Woods, Nine), written by David Magee, Lin Manuel Miranda is Jack, the new shoulder of Mary Poppins apprentice, the chimney sweep Bert (Van Dyke, appears in a cameo, mentioning even of the steps of the tap), and Meryl Streep reads Topsy, a woman fortune-teller crowds who sing and dance swinging on the chandeliers that Mary Poppins and the children go to find in one of the fantastic trips of the legendary tata.