That was the result of his investigations, says the Palestinian Attorney General. From the Israeli point of view, however, more precise evidence is needed.

The Palestinian Attorney General on Thursday held Israel responsible for the targeted killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Akle.

The reporter died two weeks ago during an Israeli military operation in Jenin in the northern West Bank. Her death and police violence at her funeral in Jerusalem had caused international consternation.

Attorney General Akram Chatib told reporters that an investigation into the fatal bullet found it was fired by a sniper with a Ruger rifle. The bullet came from the direction of the Israeli soldiers. Further bullet holes in a tree showed that the upper body of the 51-year-old, who is well-known in the Arab world, had been shot at. This shows a clear intent to kill, Chatib said.

Israel denies allegations

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz dismissed this as a lie. Israel regrets the journalist’s death and the army is investigating the incident to find out the truth. According to the army, it is not clear where the fatal shot came from. She reported fierce firefights with militant Palestinians in Jenin. However, the Palestinian leadership had rejected Israel’s request for a joint investigation.

A wave of terror has killed 18 people in Israel since March, and Palestinians shot dead an Israeli security guard and a soldier in the West Bank. Several assassins came from the Jenin area. The city is considered a stronghold of militant Palestinians. For weeks, the Israeli army has been conducting raids there and in other parts of the West Bank. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 30 Palestinians have been killed since the end of March. Some of them were killed during military operations, but also in their own attacks or in clashes with the army.