At an award ceremony showed the former minister Bertel Haarder sympathy with crown prince Frederik by saying the words ‘Me too’ in his speech to Mary.

the Mood was high, when Mary receive the award for ‘the end of the Talk 2018’ at an event on Tuesday morning. So high, Bertel Haarder, presented the award, took liberties when it came to jokes about the movement ‘Meto’.

crown Princess Mary of denmark received the award for her speech, which she held for her husband at his 50th birthday in may.

It was Bertel Haarder, who initially had proposed for the institution, ‘Danish’ Speak, that it should be the crown princess, who received the award.

At the award ceremony he told that the crown princess used humor and a twinkle in his eye, in his famous speech.

he too Was struck down, why crown prince Frederik was blamed to tell the same jokes again and again, as the crown princess did in the birthday address.

“Now we are some, the crown prince and I should not have to find new jokes all the time, just because our wives are present. ‘Me Too’ tempted I am to say that,” said Bertel Haarder to the crown princess.

Vittigheden, which draws a straight line to the hashtag, which is used when magtm├Žnd and women have engaged in sexual harassment in various industries the world over, was received with laughter around the chamber.

the crown princess smiled also to the commentary and listened to the rest of Bertel Haarders speak to her in connection with the presentation.

Venstremanden Bertel Haarder had in may seen Mary’s talk with his wife on a mobile phone in their cottage.

Midway ran the phone out of power, and Was told on Tuesday at the presentation of the award, that it was quickly charged up again, and that he later has been updated at the middle part, which he missed.

En B. T. got a hold of Bertel Haarder after the award ceremony, he stated, that he with ‘Me too’ wasn’t nervous to use an expression that many people take seriously.

He felt good, he could show that he shared the crown prince Frederik’s struggle with the lack of new jokes to try out with a #the meto-joke in the chamber.