Slowly but surely, the american concept of Black Friday makes its way in France. Imported to the United States by the giants of e-commerce such as Amazon, this day of, balances monsters, with promotions of up to 70% or 80% reduction, has now found its followers in the Hexagon, where the offers show only cuts of 20% or 30% available for up to four days.

last year, the e-commerce web sites have exploded scores and achieved 1.3 billion euros in turnover on the week-end from Friday to Monday, according to data from the Fevad. “In 2017, the event has turned a corner for awareness and growth, with a turnover increase of 28%,” confirms the research institute GFK. As in the United States, the phenomenon of Black Friday begins to reach record levels. Thus, last year, during the Friday, the GIE bank Card has been seen that peak sales of up to 1000 transactions per second.

new followers and resistant

in the Face of this offensive by the pure-players, the physical stores are trying to take over again. This year, for example, the retailer Darty has chosen to start its operation Black Friday two hours earlier in the store than on their website. To kick start their Christmas sales, the hypermarket, the brands of toy and perfume stores take also of the subject, with the firm intention to create traffic in the point of sale. In King Toy, the operation which lasts three days, has been dubbed “Black J”. All brands have prepared specific catalogs and invested to communicate on the radio and display. Objective: to repatriate the Black Friday in the stores. If the mobilization of the “yellow vests” allows…

While the amounts to the French, twice a year, over a long period of six weeks (soon reduced to four) tended to disappear, and Black Friday could be imposed as one of the new peaks in annual sales, with mother’s day, among others. Load on the signs to give meaning to the event. “Black Friday should be the opportunity to remake the party in the shops, it is necessary to sprinkle a dose of empathy on this event so that the French adhere to it fully,” insists Jean-Marc Mégnin, general manager of Altavia Shoppermind.

An anti-Black Friday

ultimate Evidence that the concept of Black Friday infuses into the Hexagon, where it passes from the black to the habs: it has its opponents… The Camif has taken as early as 2017, the head of an anti-Black Friday. For the second year in a row, the chain will close symbolically to its Internet web site throughout the day.

Around The Camif, a group of opponents to Black Friday is structured, bringing together among others the signs Altereco and Nature & Découvertes. While the Supermarket has made it known that he was preparing a “Black Friday” solidarity, pledging to donate 1% of its turnover mode done on November 23, the association of the Little brothers of the poor. That is less oriented towards hyper-consumption, which is affected by a social movement: the Black Friday has been translated into the French culture.

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