BMW is working against the Trend: The registration numbers for convertibles is expected to decline dramatically. And many of the drivers that still have a convertible, have it mothballed at the end of October. In this time, BMW shows how beautifully this type of vehicle can be, and draws the cloth from the new 8 seater convertible in the just introduced 8-seater fixed-head coupe is not yet in the trade.

But because so a purchase must tire decision a little bit, with a base price of 108.000 euros – so the convertible is 8000 Euro more expensive than the coupe. A little in advance of the market launch in March 2019 not because of damage.

The convertible everything that the coupe has, the passionate Design, the sporty tuning and the more potent engines, and offers, in addition to the standard wind deflector and optional neck-level heating a fabric roof that folds within 15 seconds electric behind the back seat. The boot capacity of 350 litres always remains the same, regardless of whether the roof is open or closed.

Under the long hood, the two well-known engines from the coupe, also offered in a convertible exclusively with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic that anyone Who wants to reasonably remain reasonable, the Bayern recommend the 640d, a three-litre, six-cylinder Diesel with 320 HP and 620 Nm in 5.2 seconds to 100 kph, and then effortlessly on 250 cases speeded up work.

those Who like it even sportier, you should think about the M850i: As an M Performance model is oversubscribed stronger and gets one more step in the evolution of the well-known V8 engine, with the performance of the 4.4-Liter engine to 530 HP and maximum torque to 750 Nm climbs.

next, BMW brings the 8er Gran coupe

That’s enough for a Sprint of 3.9 seconds and makes 250 km/h top speed to a mere formality. Soon there will be a M8-convertible with supposedly the 650 HP. Then expected to create 300 km/h at least.

With the convertible BMW, but is just in the mood for the next spring, but also solves a Problem of the coupe. That is the back so tight that you have to take the head between the knees if you don’t want to push him last on the roof.

What is now still missing, is worthy of the people boarding at the rear. But Bayern already have a solution in the Pipeline: the BMW 8er Gran coupe. The has four doors.