BOLOGNA -“The rose and the baby”, Mario Gardini and Giuseppe De Rosa, has won the 61 and/or “Zecchino d’oro”, live on Rai1 from the Antoniano of Bologna. To sing the song Martina Galasso, age 10, of Esine (Brescia), and Alyssia Mengbwa Hound, 8 years old, Assisi (Perugia). The song is about the legend of a rose eternal, and a child that broke a spell, because “only love gives meaning to all things.”

The conductors Francesca Fialdini and Gigi&Ross were joined by a panel of experts, composed by the artistic director Carlo Conti, Cristina D’avena, Micaela Ramazzotti and Bianca Atzei, together with a jury of children has made the song a winner. The 12 competing songs were accompanied by the Small Choir directed by Sabrina Simoni. Among the guests, a baby of a syrian, he sang ‘Terraluna’, winning song of the 41 edition: a project of solidarity ‘Bread Operation’ supports this year also a reality of the franciscans of Aleppo, to provide meals to the families of the victims of the conflict. © Reproduction reserved