Brain training: The swan on the tricycle: A memory trainer gives tips on brain training star PLUS


    The memory trainer Margit Ahrens trains the ability to think in courses and reveals tricks on how to remember things better. Published in Gesund Leben 2/2021

    Sniff a bag with your eyes closed and guess what’s inside: earth, sand, moss. Memory trainer Margit Ahrens lets the participants work with all their senses on “thinking paths” that lead through the forest or the city. The activities last up to three hours, the group covers five to six kilometers – and solves brain teasers along the way.

    “The whole thing should be fun and addresses different areas of cognitive abilities,” says the Düsseldorf native. Among other things, it is about memory, word finding or thinking flexibility. “Movement is important for receptivity and memory training,” says Ahrens.