Leading EU opponent sees risk of brexit does not come, if May lose brexitafstemning

One of the leading opponents of the EU in prime minister Theresa Mays, the government says that the present brexitaftale is not perfect. But there is a risk that it at all does not come to a brexit, if it is rejected by the parliament.

environment Minister Michael Gove say to the BBC, that if the agreement is not adopted by a majority in the parliament the 11. december, then there is a risk that a parliamentary majorities will go in for yet another referendum on british withdrawal from the EU.

the Labour party-the Labour party has announced that it will put forward a motion of censure May, if the brexitaftalen be rejected.

If this maneuver fails, the party will try to get parliament to support an EU referendum, says Gove. He insists that May may get the majority of the current agreement.

Gove, was a prominent figure in the campaign for Britain’s withdrawal from the european UNION up to the referendum in 2016.

He claims that the EU-opponents probably will win, if there will be another EU referendum. But he is against a vote, because it will “damage the faith in democracy, and destroy the social cohesion.

Labour’s spokesman on brexitomr√•det, Keir Starmer, said at the weekend that it is “inevitable” that Labour will choose to submit a motion of censure May, if the parliament votes no the 11. december.

– If she loses a vote of this size after two years of negotiations, should there be a choice, said Starmer to the tv station Sky News.

The british parliament will hold a crucial brexitafstemning 11. december early in the evening. The debate on brexitaftalen in the parliament opened on Tuesday, 4. december.

according to the documents, which were released in parliament on Wednesday, will be held debate on the uk terms with the EU 4., 5., 6., 10. and 11. december.