Younger will speak at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where he himself studied, and according to the excerpts which have been known in advance, he comes to say that Russia has entered a “permanent confrontation” with the West, reports Reuters.

This is the other major speech, the Younger keeps after he took over as head of the intelligence service MI6, in 2014. It comes after a small-scale toxin attacks on Sergei Skripal has created a renewed concern for the secret Russian operations in foreign countries.

the British have long said that Skripal and his daughter was exposed to nervegiften novitsjok, which was developed in the Soviet union in the 1970s and 1980s. The government in Moscow denies any connection to the case.

Younger going to encourage “Russia or other states that want to undermine our way of life not to underestimate our or our allies ‘– the willingness and capacity”, states in an excerpt from the speech.

The 55-year-old eksspionen will also say that the british agents have foiled several plans ekstremistgruppen ICE has been left behind. Etterretningssjefen will also, just months before the Uk goes out of EU, telling that MI6 continues to work together with their european partners in order to strengthen the “priceless ribbons”. the