Does the state itself benefit from the current high prices that consumers are suffering from? Finance Minister Lindner, on the other hand, emphasized that additional income flowed back to the citizens.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner has rejected allegations that the state is making money from the current high prices through tax revenue.

“What we get in terms of additional income goes back to the citizens,” said the FDP leader on Tuesday in the budget debate in the Bundestag. The traffic light coalition has put together relief packages with a volume of more than 30 billion euros.

Lindner pointed out that, among other things, the basic allowance in the tax return was increased, from which all taxpayers benefit. In addition, the energy taxes on fuel would be reduced by June 1st. The cartel office must now ensure that this relief actually reaches the gas stations.

The budget week has been running in the Bundestag since Tuesday. Before the 2022 federal budget is voted on on Friday, the budgets of the individual departments will be debated. The traffic light coalition wants to take on almost 139 billion euros in new debt in its first full year of government. The budget envisages spending totaling around 496 billion euros.