AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. But it also stands for a success with the General Public, hardly anyone perceives. Under the brand name of AWS, Amazon is bundling its Cloud-Computing offerings, including virtual Server (the Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2), storage service S3 or the Software development platform Elastic Beanstalk.Although Amazon is actually for its Online mail order business is known, the Web-platform to AWS with more than 70 percent to the operating result. The Cloud Service is delivered in the last quarter of 2018 sales of nearly 6.7 billion US dollars, the AWS-profit doubled from 1.2 to 2.1 billion US dollars.While Amazon continues with its online trading traditionally on growth instead of profit, so the cloud segment for the on the stock exchange of sought-after fat-black Numbers.CEO Jeff Bezos justified the strong result due to its huge lead over the competition, since Amazon is much joined earlier than Microsoft and Google in the Segment. However, the competitors don’t sleep – so Microsoft increased alone, sales of Azure in the first quarter of the financial year 2018/2019 a whopping 76 percent. Amazon Prime now for 30 days free of charge , depending on the Amazon Cloud to test also risks Amazon has The shipping trade makes up only a portion of the proceeds. Photo: on the whole, Amazon operates in 19 geographic regions, each of a plurality of data centers – in Germany, too. The Cloud centre in Frankfurt/Main supports well-known customers, including the music streaming service SoundCloud, the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, as well as several popular Online services such as Netflix, reddit or Dropbox. Further Clound-centres in Europe in Dublin (Ireland), London (United Kingdom) and Paris (France).How many depend on the Internet services available from Amazon Web Services, is particularly evident when it comes to a disorder – like in the year 2017. Because one of the storage services resulted in an error, were not only a lot of Amazon’s own Services such as Prime Video, or the Fire TV Stick; also numerous other Internet service providers such as Snapchat, Expedia and Buzzfeed for hours only poorly or not at all accessible. Amazon Prime now for 30 days free of charge Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook test: Who dominates the world? Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google – the Big Four Play Video make Any TV to Smart TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick

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