the days When in the fall are shorter and the sun is light, the many people in the mood. You feel tired, listless and tired, irritated faster than usual or are suffering from a bad mood. These symptoms are first of all, there is no reason to go to the doctor and usually go away by itself. The symptoms persist longer than three to four weeks and interfere with daily life, you should ask the treating doctor for advice. He can exclude serious underlying diseases, such as Depression,.

Many people who are suffering under an ordinary autumn or the Winter Blues, it helps to change a few behaviors, to feel fitter and more powerful. The experts of the National Health Services (NHS), the National health service in England, have put together useful tips. We have summarized the Tricks for you.

tip 1: natural light is scarce, use it

In the dark autumn and Winter produced by our brain more of the sleep hormone Melatonin, which makes you tired. Who wants to put a stop to it, should treat his body as much natural light as possible, Open your curtains and shutters in the apartment, as soon as the sun shows, and airing them regularly. You go after the lunch in the office for a few minutes in the fresh air. The movement in Free sorted the thoughts, lowers the stress level and pamper the body with the light of day.

tip 2: don’t Overdo it with the sleep Interview everyday phenomenon Constantly tired? A doctor explained what it could be is By Ilona Kriesl

Adequate sleep is important to feel rested and fit. Contrary to popular opinion, you need to have in the Winter, but no longer night’s sleep than in the summer. The opposite is the case: he Who sleeps too much, feels on the day rather sluggish and listless.

Around eight hours of sleep are adequate. Try to always go at the same time to bed and in the Morning to get up. So your day-night-rhythm on short winter days mixed up. As a rule of thumb: the one Who rested on the day, and Wake up feeling, had enough sleep.

tip 3: Make Sport at the right time

Well pretty much anyone, this effect is expected to know: It is difficult for the Sport to get up, but in the connection you will feel energetic and rested at the same time. Best you lace up your sports shoes in the late afternoon can help combat sleepiness in the early evening, and on top of that improve sleep.

In the Winter, offer mainly Indoor activities such as Badminton or a visit to the gym. Or you have to Run it once with Skating or skiing tried?

tip 4: take your Stress Level down Tired at work, Therefore, we sleep from Sunday to Monday bad By Ilona Kriesl

Chronic, ongoing Stress robs them of forces, and affect the quality of sleep. Anyone who can’t lower his Stress level by itself, can, nevertheless, learn a better way of dealing with time pressure and time trouble. Doing Yoga, meditation or special breathing Exercises will help.

tip 5: Avoid sugar and access to vegetables and fruit

Yes, sugar provides energy – but unfortunately only in the short term. In connection they will fall into an even bigger energy hole. Who wants to perk up during the day, you should instead plenty of vegetables and fresh food such as fruit. The fiber, saturate well, and the contained vitamins provide the body with everything it needs.

The best food are, by the way, have eaten our ancestors in the cold Season – root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, turnips or white beet. They can be cooked in the oven like a stove, vegetable, cooked or processed into porridge.