Cambridge Analytica: US Attorney sues Zuckerberg


    After the criminal prosecution failed in 2018, Washington Attorney General Karl Racine tried again to take legal action against Mark Zuckerberg and the involvement in Cambridge Analytica.

    US investigators are making a new attempt to hold Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg personally accountable in the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

    The Attorney General of the capital Washington, Karl Racine, filed a lawsuit against the current head of the Facebook umbrella group Meta. As Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg was directly involved in decisions that led to the scandal, Racine argues.

    Previous lawsuit failed

    The attorney general tried earlier this fall to add Zuckerberg to his 2018 lawsuit against Facebook. However, this had meanwhile been rejected by the judge because Racine had waited too long with it. In its 2018 lawsuit, the investigators accused Facebook, among other things, of having misinformed users about the disclosure of their data.

    Facebook was criticized for data protection

    In the Cambridge Analytica case, an analytics firm had access to some data from millions of Facebook users without their knowledge. The company had published a survey in which some Facebook users took part. But thanks to the privacy settings of the time, she also got access to some of her Facebook friends’ information. When this became known, Facebook came under massive criticism and promised improvements in data protection.

    Cambridge Analytica also worked for Donald Trump, who was victorious at the time, for a while during the 2016 presidential election campaign. However, the role of this data in the success was later downplayed.