After an eight-year break, Cameron Diaz is back in the film business. In an interview, she reveals why she stepped down.

Cameron Diaz (49) missed acting. At least some aspects of it, as she revealed on the TV show “CBS Mornings.” In the interview, the actress also talks about why she retired from the film business for eight years. Diaz will soon be making a comeback in a Netflix film aptly titled Back in Action.

“I miss aspects of acting or filmmaking,” Diaz says in the interview. “Making films is a special challenge.” It’s fun to be able to take part in it. Cameron Diaz leaves open which parts of filmmaking she means exactly.

In the interview, she also explains why she stepped down eight years ago. “When you’re doing something that you know and have done well, and you know how it works, and that’s taken your whole life for so long, it’s a beautiful thing to say, ‘You know what? Don’t just take a step back and see how the big picture looks to me,” she says. “What are the things I could do better and engage with more to make myself feel more whole?”

Family and wine instead of movies

What she has been busy with: She had a daughter in 2019 with her husband Benji Madden (43). And she launched her own brand of wine, Avaline. “Everyone only has 100 percent and you always have to think about how to divide it in order to distribute it to all areas of life that are important,” says Diaz of her changed priorities.

After around eight years without a film at all, she is giving acting some space in her life again. For Netflix she shoots alongside Jamie Foxx (54). He was also one of her co-stars in her most recent film, 2014’s Annie.