When the bathroom mirror cabinet opens, the front opens up quite an arsenal of all kinds of jars and pots. Sometimes comes to mind, that even with less could do. the

One solution cosmetics for the reduction is the same product use for different purposes. If, for example, basic cream for skin moisturizing in addition to for example face cleaning? the

MeTreatmentsin trainer and product manager Sari Luopa told the happy news: the basic lotion is worth a try for washing, in particular their which the skin tends to suffer a bit of everything. the

– basic ointment may well act as a cleaning agent, if the skin is very allergic and sensitive and can’t handle normal cleaning agents. the
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basic in the ointment is the lack of their Sari Luopa add, that the basic cream is also suitable for facial cleansing first-aid to anyone, if the actual cleaning is finished. If your face resistant to the usual cleaning substances, he recommends primarily, however, for their use. The basic formula has its shortcomings. the

– cleaning products to care for their skin thoroughly. They have a cleansing conditioner, which is why they are the facial skin a better option, Luopa said. the

the basic cream moisturizes the skin surface, but does not clean it makeup or during the day on the skin the accumulated air pollution from the actual cleaning product. the

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