In-app shopping, a smart home or appointments booked online – a recent survey shows that digital inclusion cannot be taken for granted.

The digitization of all areas of life is progressing. Apparently, however, there is a gap between the people who know how to use the advantages of digital offers and those who feel left behind. This is suggested by a representative study by the digital association Bitkom, which was carried out on behalf of the “Digital for everyone” initiative.

Every second German would like greater digital participation

According to this, almost 48 percent of Germans would like greater participation in digital life, but cannot find their way around the online offers due to a lack of technical knowledge. The problem: A third of those surveyed decided against using certain digital technologies entirely because of this.

In order to bridge the gap, “Digital for All” Managing Director Anna-Lena Hosenfeld calls for “more offers that promote skills in dealing with digital technologies.” The initiative, launched in 2019, recognized some time ago that this discrepancy exists, which is why it has been organizing the nationwide “Digital Day” since 2020.

Digital participation and education in practice

The supporters of the initiative and the third “Digital Day” taking place on June 24 include important actors from civil society, culture, science, business and welfare – such as the German Association of Cities, Aktion Mensch, the German Red Cross, the Federal Parents’ Council or the Federal Association of consumer centers.

Interested parties have until June 15 to register events for the day of action. In addition, people who long for digital education can see on an interactive map which offers are taking place in their area in Germany.