Every second day-care center lacks skilled workers. The Joint Association complains that this artificially reduces the number of places available in the facilities.

According to a survey, many daycare centers in Germany are still struggling with staff shortages. In a survey published by the Paritätischer Gesamtverband on Monday, around half of the employees of facilities and their sponsors stated that the capacity of their day-care centers cannot be used to the full because there is a lack of skilled workers.

At the same time, according to the study, a lack of childcare places is perceived. 67 percent of those surveyed believed that the availability of childcare places at the municipal level was not sufficient. The problem is therefore more urgent in large cities than in small towns and in the country.

A majority of employees (61 percent) are also dissatisfied with the specified staff ratio in the day-care centers and do not believe that the needs of the children can be met with it.

According to the information, 1171 employees of daycare centers and their providers were surveyed between June and August 2021, mostly daycare center managers (84 percent).