the British need to find out how they will relate to the chinese technological dominance, believes MI6 boss.

China’s technological dominance is and will become increasingly the most important issue in british security policy, according to the head of the secret intelligence service MI6, as Alex Younger.

he told Monday the students at the university of St Andrews in Scotland.

– basically is power, money and politics, by moving to the east, told Alex Younger.

– It is a new political reality to which we must organise ourselves after.

He pointed, among other things, on Britain’s dependence on chinese technology to get on the 5G network to cellular coverage. It is, according to Alex Younger a taste of a chinese dominance in several areas.

Younger featured areas such as artificial intelligence, syntesebiologi and genetics.

– This is something we really need to consider. The future of knowledge is at stake, he says.

Syntesebiologi is an area of research that combines, among other things nanotechnology and molecular biology.

the MI6 chief also assessed that Russia is in a state of “constant confrontation” with the western world. He referred, among other things giftangrebet on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

– The Russian government used a chemical weapon on british soil, said Younger.

– Our intent is to get the Russian government to come to the conclusion that what than it will obtain by this activity, so it is not worth the risk.

Alex Younger reported also that the Islamic State continues to pose a threat. This applies both to the Uk and other european countries. According to the Young MI6 helped to thwart the attacks in France and Germany.

It was hardly a coincidence that it was the students at St Andrews, who got the rare words from the spionchefen. Younger has even studied at the university.

According to the news agency AP has Younger also going to hold a speech in London. Here he will warn against underestimating Russia.