Claus Kleber said goodbye to the “heute-journal” in December. Now he’s back in action for ZDF: the documentary “Utopia” will be released in July.

After almost 3,000 broadcasts, Claus Kleber (66) presented his last issue of the “heute-journal” on December 30, 2021. But he didn’t say goodbye to ZDF completely: in July he will be celebrating his comeback at the station with a documentary. The film “Utopia – Irre Visionen in Silicon Valley” by Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen (62) will be broadcast on ZDF on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:00 p.m.

What is Utopia about?

“Utopia” is about inventors, engineers, geniuses and risk investors from Silicon Valley, according to a ZDF announcement. “In less than twenty years, five billion people were equipped with portable supercomputers, networked with all the knowledge and nonsense of mankind. Uncanny. And uncanny how almost noiselessly it happened – until 2016, with the double whammy of Brexit and Trump, the incalculable consequences became visible.” The documentary gives a “current, critical look at these developments”.

The most powerful players such as Tesla boss Elon Musk (50) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (38) were “not available for interviews even after a year of intensive efforts”. However, an employee of Elon Musk as well as critics, experts and engineers have their say.

Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen have already shot several – some award-winning – films and documentaries for ZDF. These include “America Omnipotence. The World Under Control” (2003), “The Bomb” (2009) and “Hunger! Thirst!” (2014). Kleber and Andersen have already dealt with Silicon Valley in the documentary “Brave New World” (2016), in which they showed advances in computer and genetic engineering.