There was in fact no reason why the royal family went out and apologized to prince nikolai’s behalf on Monday, after it emerged that he had appeared in a press release for the car rental company Sixt.

the Prince was not at all aware that he was made a billboard for the company. It informs the countess, through his private secretary, Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen, to B. T:

“They (Sixt, ed.) asked if they could take a picture with the prince, and explained that they would put it up on the company’s intranet, so employees could see it. It he said yes to, and the trust they have so abused afterwards,” says privatsekretæren and emphasize that in no ways was cooperation between the prince and Sixt.

Monday, the royal family’s communications department out and deplored at prince nikolai’s behalf, that he had appeared in the press release and Sixt. An action that goes against the royal family’s guidelines.

the Image appeared in the press release that was published on the Sixts presseside on Friday afternoon with the text:

‘Prince Nikolai has chosen the car on the subscription from Sixt All-inclusive.’

But it has subsequently been removed.

B. T. has on Tuesday been in contact with the royal family’s communications department, who do not want to comment more on the matter.

instead refers to the Monday opinion which, among other things sounded.

‘Royal market not companies or products,’ said the royal family’s communications department, after they were confronted with the advertisement.

by the same token, one does not elaborate, whether there had been an agreement or not.

Prince Nikolai is not receiving apanage and has therefore, among other things, worked as a model. Later in the month, he, as planned, go fashion show in the japanese capital, Tokyo, for Dior.

Earlier in the year left the 19-year-old prince Army Sergentskole, and the countess said through his secretary that he would now take care of his modeling career.

so far, not succeeded to B. T. to get a comment from Sixt.