They come from Asia and are used to treat everyday complaints: grid plasters are based on the principle of acupuncture, but can be used independently. Find out how here.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s hardened muscles or joint pain, tension in the head, shoulder and neck area or circulatory problems: grid plasters are intended to provide relief for all kinds of complaints – and all without medication or other active ingredients. But how exactly does that work? According to the manufacturer, the self-adhesive Cross Tapes are simply stuck on certain pain, acupuncture or trigger points. Since the rigid grid patches are not elastic, they cannot stretch with the skin. When the affected area is moved, microscopic skin shifts occur. This in turn triggers minimal stimuli that drive our body’s natural self-healing process forward.

However, before you start using the acupuncture patches, you should consider a few points. You can find out what these are as follows.

What is the difference between grid pavers?

The grid-shaped cross tapes are made of a resistant, water-repellent and breathable material – such as polyester or polyurethane. There is a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive on the back so that the acupuncture patches remain on the skin for several days. Even when you shower, bathe or swim with it. They come in different colors and sizes that are suitable for different body regions.

Tip: There are also special cross tapes that are also supposed to help against mosquito bites. Here, too, without the use of drugs and pharmaceutical agents.

This video clearly explains how to correctly stick on the Cross Tapes:

For whom are Cross Tapes not suitable?

Even though the grid plasters are said to have natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, they are not suitable for everyone. Although no clinical tests are available to date, the Cross Tapes can still cause undesirable skin reactions.

In this case, the patch should be removed immediately and the affected area cleaned. People with skin problems should keep their hands off it. The same applies to those who are prone to hematomas quickly.

You should also know that the lattice plasters cannot always help with complaints that last longer. It is always worth a try, but you should consult a doctor if the pain does not subside over a long period of time. Above all, however, if you have open wounds or open areas on the body – the Cross Tapes must never be used here. Incidentally, this also applies to pregnant women: around the navel and on the lower leg, the grid plasters can trigger contractions under certain circumstances!

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