Allowed to push a cyclist off the sidewalk from the button at a pedestrian traffic light, wait until the Green shows, and then the Crossing driving cross? To my knowledge, should, or must the children up to ten years. When cyclists push their bike, that is all right with me stop, but the flow of traffic and to not ride over the green pedestrian traffic light, and turn around on the other side of the road, fit for the me that writes TIME-ONLINE-reader Harald Muske from ammerbuch.

At first glance, it looks like a prank: A cyclist uses a traffic light to get to your destination faster, and the car drivers to hit a trick. But: “If, as Mr Muske described, to a pedestrian traffic light, then the light for to walk Walking and not for cyclists”, says Herbert angel Mohr from the automobile club of Germany.

He refers to Clause 37, paragraph 2 of the road traffic regulations (StVO). There, the rules of behavior of pedestrians and cyclists at traffic lights are under number 5 and 6 listed. Under paragraph 5, sentence 1 is not clearly regulated, with the symbol of “pedestrian” traffic lights apply to cyclists. In paragraph 2, Numer 6, sentence 1, reads: “anyone Who rides a bike, has to observe the light signals for vehicular traffic.”

Herbert angel Mohr

is the Association of a lawyer of the automobile club of Germany (AvD). He deals as a lawyer for more than 20 years, with traffic law issues.

to be Added: Basically, adults are not allowed to ride your bike on the sidewalk unless you years with a child or several children up to eight on-the-go. “Children up to the age of eight years old, children age up to ten years of age are allowed to use bikes on sidewalks,” – quoted angel Mohr, Clause 2, paragraph 5, of the StVO.

However, on the sidewalk pedaling people need to take special care to Pedestrians. You must not jeopardize or hamper. Also, you should adjust your speed. “In front of the Cross a carriageway, children, and the accompanying Supervisory person must descend from the wheel,” adds the lawyer.

to sum up: cyclists are not permitted to use the pedestrian traffic lights to cross quickly a road. “In the Situation described the road at the pedestrian traffic lights may be crossed only on foot,” says angel Mohr. The reader is right on this point: Who pushes his bike, a pedestrian and so the traffic light may be used, of course.

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