, away with it! But how? And where? Forget what you knew about Decluttering, and you pick one of these five convenient methods. Regardless of whether everything away at once, or from time to time a little bit.

In the new book “Little things happiness” by Gabi Raeggel (Lingen Verlag, 144 pages, € 9.95) is in need of the proper method for each type. IMAGE presents five techniques and says, where’s the junk after the sort is best suited.

Pomodoro technique

For piece-for-piece-Entrümpler. Use every day for a defined period of time to clean up. how: , you specify a period, for example 15 minutes a day, five days a week over two weeks. Set the timer or the alarm function on the phones and let nothing distract you. Then you take an area, such as a kitchen junk drawer. the tip: 15 minutes is not enough? No matter! They remain, in some cases, several days when you Declutter and clean up an area until it really is processed.

by the Way: The Name Pomodoro technique comes from a Management method. Its inventor, the Italian Francesco Cirillo, used as a timer, a egg timer in the shape of a tomato. And is Italian for “pomodoro”.

the Multiple-bracket: From one make five – this is the Ironing of five garments have been place with each other instead of side by side. At Amazon there ten for about 13 Euro photo: manufacturer

30 days, 30 things

For Slow-Entrümpler and all, are actually very neat. how: Choose 30 days a daily thing, you want to make. Put it in a “Can-way-box” or, if it is useless, directly in the trash. So it will be at home every day a little bit tidier. the tip : of Course you can develop this method in countless variations, for example, 60 days, 60 things. Or, in the case of quite a lot of junk in the household: 30 days, 30 boxes.

minimalism-the game

forever-more-Entrümpler. The game lasts 30 days. how: On day one clears out a single part. Because it itches you then certainly need to in the fingers, disposed of it to day two of two parts. On the third, then three and so on. At the end of the 30 days you are coming so proud of 465 items. the tip: This game works especially well if you have a game partner that also wants to declutter the place. You tell every day, what are you got rid of today and motivate each other.