age is not an excuse when it comes to the first template clubs such as Madrid or Barcelona, which is like entering adulthood in football, we have 17 or 31 years. If you notice with another prism, all the players are young and it is necessary that you feel that way, even children, to unleash your creativity, because football, in addition to a sport, a business and a phenomenon of the masses, it is a game. Let’s not forget. In the development of the activity in the field, everything is criticized and at the same time forgivable; in the responsibility that implies membership in a club, work in a collective and a good salary, not. Therefore, the football involves the difficult duality of being a man and a child at the same time. Dembelé and Asensio have behaved lately, only the second mode.

In both cases, they are players of great talent, but to put it in value need decisions of risk, daring, and a certain degree of rebellion. Are front that, alone, can eliminate opponents and create situations that decide games, the most sought-after and hard to find. For this reason, he made Barcelona the largest investment in its history to hire the French, and the Madrid rose to the rank of Asensio after the departure of Cristiano. The insertion of Dembelé was cut short by an injury last season, but once overcome, has not responded to the expectations, and to violate seriously his obligations as a professional. The spaniard, for his part, has fled from the hot spots of the field, something that came to justify in a statement, later nuanced. The first intention is the one that counts.

due to their characteristics, are also footballers of moments that will be difficult to have so much participation in the game as other players in different positions. This makes it more necessary that the frequency of these moments increase, that will be intense and, finally, transcendent. If not, it is impossible to justify their presence. That does not mean that they should run more, that is like facing the criticism some players, with what David Gistau called races “demagogic”. No. This has to do with decision making, knowing when and where to run. The traditional “touch and go” will always need a question: Where?.

Asensio hits the ball in the game against Athletic in San Mames. REUTERS

This season, Asensio has fled the decisions, something that is incompatible with the presence in the attack of Madrid. To reach and succeed at a club like and in a city full of charms, can cause confusion, would not be the first. The advantage for the spaniard is that it was Solari is like a catharsis, a new beginning for all, as also occurs in the selection of Luis Enrique; the downside is that behind the naive smile of the argentine perceived sense of meritocracy that has been put to Lucas Vázquez ahead of Asensio. Ceballos, almost unprecedented with Zidane, has understood and has changed but. In Vigo, in the role of the injured Casemiro, showed us the way.

Valverde was forced to make a decision lasts with Dembelé, although perhaps I should have done it the first time. What in the game are bugs in the discipline can be lack of respect with the group. Better to put the barrier as soon as possible. To change the situation for the frenchman, who has already heard criticism up in her wardrobe, it’s going to be more complex. Barca think of a way out that will make you lose the least money possible. To get to the Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, you can get the talent; stay need, in addition, the work and the commitment.

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