Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been in court for three weeks now. This is how Johnny Depp has become the man who no longer wants to look his ex-wife in the eye.

Now after three weeks in that courtroom in Fairfax, after hours of grueling questions like “Ms Heard, this photo is of you a day after you say Mister Depp broke your nose. Correct?” “Yes, but I thought he broke my nose,” at some point you don’t want to listen anymore. Because it continues with medical reports that didn’t record anything, with make-up over the red spots on the face and ice packs to cool the supposed swellings overnight. It’s grueling, because here the often quite desolate moments of a very short marriage are dissected down to the size of a speck of dust, to end, and that’s still a long way off, well, what actually? right to speak?

No more fortune – and no role offers either