Drunk, unreliable, wasteful: Johnny Depp didn’t hear much good about himself on the current day of the trial. Ellen Barkin also contributed.

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been going on for five weeks and new, dirty details are still coming to light. From Johnny Depp’s point of view, the current day of the trial was particularly unpleasant: In their statements, the witnesses who were invited did not say anything positive about the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

A testimony from Depp’s ex Ellen Barkin was also played on the 18th day of the trial. It was recorded in 2019 and was used in court in 2020 when Depp sued British tabloid The Sun. The two were in front of the camera on the set of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, the film adaptation of the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, in 1998 and during that time they had an affair in which they were said to have seen each other several times a week.

But apparently Barkin doesn’t have fond memories of their time together: “He was drunk most of the time,” Barkin said in her testimony, which was videotaped in the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia. The actor drank a lot of red wine and was also often “high” on drugs, according to Barkin. “He was always drinking or smoking a joint.” Once he even threw a bottle of red wine through the hotel room. Even after the relationship ended, Depp behaved jealously and controllingly, says the “Sea of ​​Love” star.

Johnny Depp was in a relationship with Ellen Barkin

However, Ellen Barkin’s memories were not the only problem for Johnny Depp that trial day. His former boyfriend Bruce Witkin testified that during their relationship he discovered a bruise on Amber Heard’s arm and it looked as if she had been grabbed.

Depp’s former agent Tracey Jacobs then described a different side of the actor: he was talented but unreliable. He was “constantly late to appear on practically every film”.

A statement that Depp’s former business partner Joel Mandel largely confirmed. The Hollywood star also lost control of his spending: a security guard who has since died received around $10,000 for his services – per day! And Depp’s private doctor is said to have collected a fee of $ 100,000 per month.

From Johnny Depp’s point of view, the only ray of hope that day was the testimony of his lawyer Adam Waldman. Heard’s legal team accuses him of launching a “smear campaign” against the actress. Here, at least, nothing unpleasant came up about Depp: Waldman declined to answer questions — citing attorney-client privilege.

Sources used: “Daily Mail”