in Germany the police has made raids on one of Europe’s largest banks, including Deutsche bank’s premises in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas.

according to Police, due to money laundering suspicions. The doubts are based on the so-called Panama papers have been revealed on the information. According to the authorities, Deutsche Bank is suspected to have helped clients set up companies in tax havens. Yle is the only Finnish media access to the Panama papers.

Their season is washed from criminal activities obtained the money, authorities say. Last week, several media reported that the German financial supervisor is working to determine Deutsche bank’s affiliation with Danske Bank. Danske Bank has been in the headlines of money laundering suspicions related to.

Danske bank’s Estonian unit through the power years of 2007-2015, more than 200 billion euros, of which a large part suspected was money laundering. Thing have been examined by several countries authorities.

the Scandal is a lot of have

the Deutsche Bank is draggled scandal in the past. In 2016 the united states was set by Deutsche bank for approximately eur 12.2 billion in fines the bank’s role in the subprime mortgage crisis, which started in the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

When the data fine from the fire, the bank’s customers pulled their money out of the bank. Record high fines would have to know the bank end, but the bank was able to negotiate their reduction. Finally, Deutsche Bank was forced to pay about to 4.76 billion euros in fines.

Last year at the beginning Us and British authorities ordered Deutsche bank to around 590 million euro fine of suspected money laundering in Russia.

the Bank was found to have been involved in the arrangement, in which a total of $ 10 billion was transferred out of Russia to the German bank in Moscow, London and New York branches of the season.

U.s. and British authorities announced that in addition found extensive weaknesses in the bank’s internal protection money laundering and client risk.

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