After several court banned older Diesel judgments to driving cars in cities, a comparison is possible for the first time. The negotiations to driving bans in Darmstadt, Germany, in front of the administrative court of Wiesbaden, ended without a verdict. The German environmental aid Association and the state of Hesse are now in settlement negotiations. The court put the announcement date on the 19. December.

According to the German environmental aid (DUH) this would be the first comparison in a method, the nitrogen dioxide values. DUH-managing Director J├╝rgen Resch was satisfied: “It was the first Time that we have such a concrete concept, including the provision of Diesel-driving bans.”

Darmstadt, Germany, had exceeded the EU limit value for harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2)- instead of the allowed 40 micro-grams per cubic meter in the annual average, there were 2017 up to 72 micrograms. The commune landed on the third place of the 15 cities with the highest nitrogen dioxide exceedances in the past year. Only in Munich and Stuttgart the values were worse.

The city of Darmstadt had hoped to the last to your Green City Plan driving prohibitions to prevent it. With the roughly 200 measures should be adhered to, according to the calculations of the Ministry of environment in Wiesbaden, Germany, up to 2020 the limit of the relevant measuring station hill road. The country had proposed a Diesel-driving ban for the Darmstadt City Tunnel and one-way traffic control for a major arterial road.

so Far, the DUH has filed against the clean air plans of 30 cities in the Federal lawsuit.