consumer advocates have brought in the diesel scandal, the nation’s first pattern declaratory relief on the way. Representing tens of thousands of diesel drivers pull against Volkswagen in front of the court. “Volkswagen has cheated and owed to injured consumers for damages,” said the management Board of verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv), Klaus Müller. The Association filed its lawsuit after private information still of the night by Fax at the higher regional court of Braunschweig. The Transfer of the more than 240-page document suggested several times, failed, succeeded, but then at about 2 o’clock and lasted almost 40 minutes.

the Instrument of pattern identification claim is new and only since this Thursday. Consumer advocates can complain to representing many victims against the company. Consumers consumers themselves there is no financial risk. The Grand coalition had pledged to bring the bill quickly on the way to stop a limitation period for claims for damages. These run from the end of December.

The action to be directed against vehicles of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat diesel engines of the type EA189. The Federation of German consumer organisations is to ensure that the diesel driver, all of which are affected by the recall in the case of Volkswagen, will be compensated for the loss in value of their vehicles. Aim is that you will get the purchase price refunded, said Müller.

In September of 2015, had to give Volkswagen the manipulation of diesel engines. US environmental authorities had found that only Tests the exhaust gas purification was fully activated, while the output was on the road much higher. From the Obligation to call back on the Volkswagen 2.5 million cars are affected. Their owners can now plug in the test case, if you are not already alone in front of the court. The lawyers of the Association are expecting tens of thousands to enter a diesel in the official Register. According to the ADAC, who organized the action, together with the consumer associations, is to be opened, the procedure expected to be in mid-November at the Federal office for justice.

Volkswagen will not pay

VW expects that the lawsuit will succeed. Customers in Germany, in spite of the shut-off facility, no claims, the company said. The vehicles were approved in ready, safe, secure, and driving.

Currently, information is made up of 26,600 process of customers with an affected Diesel are VW-pending, approximately 7.400 judgments had previously been issued. On land courts, the suits remained, according to VW, mostly unsuccessfully. While plaintiffs ‘ lawyers accuse the group to look at the latest at the level of the courts of the comparison, stressed VW, the number of comparisons was relatively small. The exact number has not wanted to call the group.

“motorists were to hold a Volkswagen long enough. Now’s enough”, said the vzbv-Board Muller. Consumers win Central the pattern process, to enforce the diesel driver, the amount of damages itself, and possibly once again before the court. Consumer Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) considers it possible that VW is in this case, compensation is ready. If was clarified that there is a claim for damages, will consider the defendant company as “very good, whether it can be from any individual Injured parties to sue or whether it is compensated now fast, easy, and fair,” she said.

The FDP notified, however, doubts as to the pattern of declaratory action. The coalition government have promised a “better law enforcement for consumers, and effective procedures” for plaintiffs and the courts said the consumer protection-policy spokesperson of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Catherine wants to come, to the Handelsblatt. “Affected consumers, first of all, the damaged diesel driver, will notice that none of these promises will be realized, however, only in a few months.” Want to come on to concerns that will draw the pattern to suit the method of consumption is Central in the diesel scandal against Volkswagen in the length. In the end, no compensation for the affected diesel owner, then get up, “but at best the court’s confirmation that no damage has occurred”.