When you look out the window today and see the sad, gray sky, it may be hard to believe. But 2018 is likely to become the most sunny years in Denmark, ever recorded.

And although we are missing a couple of weeks before the end of the year, so expect DMI to set the record for the year already Tuesday.

– We do not lack much, and there is a good likelihood that tomorrow, we get the number of hours of sunshine, which for the record comes in the house. So it will be exciting to see, says Thyge Rasmussen, meteorologist at DMI.

on Tuesday, expect DMI namely, that virtually the whole of the country gets sunshine from morning to evening. However, there may emerge a few clouds up in the south-western part of Jutland during the day.

According to the DMI is missing one only to get more than two hours of sunshine, in order to record from 1947 is being beaten.

– We have registered the sunshine on the national level since the 1920’s. So far 1947 the sunniest year ever. Here had the danes the joy of 1878 hours of sunshine, says John Cappelen, who is seniorklimatolog at DMI.

– The record will be presumably beaten in the morning. We expect a sunny day, so we expect that record to be in the morning. It is a solskinshistorie.

And if the record is beaten already in the morning, so there is still 27 days, in which the record can grow.

– It is a new record, which comes in good time, before the year is over. So it can only grow from there.

According to John Cappelen has 2018 in the whole, been an unusual year vejrmæssigt.

– It has been an unusual year in many areas. But particularly in the summer where it was very dry and with many hours of sunshine.

the Record for the hottest month of may, we did also this year. The average temperature ended up at 15 degrees, and it is thus the warmest may measured in the 145 years in which DMI has registered nationwide temperatures. It is 1.2 degrees warmer than the previous record and the whole of 4.2 degrees above the average temperature for the month.