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Do you suffer from a super infection? What is it


A cold or the flu can trigger the virus. Bacteria do not. Nevertheless, some Doctors prescribe antibiotics, i.e. drugs that kill bacteria. While antibiotics can fight viruses nothing. Such doctors act negligently? Or even wrong? May.

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There is, however, one exception: If your doctor determines that bacteria are involved in your illness, antibiotics may be justified. In some forms he has to prescribe antibiotics. Because it is possible to add to the viral infection, a bacterial infection. Professionals call this “super-infection”. The term “super” is not ironic and judgmental, but rather derives from a Latin word and means: on top of it.

The bacteria take advantage of a Moment of weakness of the immune system: Due to the virus infection, the defense mechanisms are weakened already. Therefore, it is the bacteria easily infect the affected tissue a second Time.

second infection risks

Typical super-infections with colds are, for example, diseases of the paranasal sinuses or the middle ear. Both of tissue can be infected by the virus already, because they have fights from the nose to the sinuses or the Eustachian tube (the Eustachian tube) into the middle ear.

a Further consequence of infections with colds can be:

< p > tonsillitis is an inflammation of the bronchi (Bronchitis), pneumonia, or a pleurisy

Inflamed lungs due to a protracted cold are rare, but nevertheless dangerous. Because, in individual cases, pneumonia can be fatal. Just as dangerous and serious super-infections of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or the brain and the meninges (meningoencephalitis).

The risk of a super infection with a flu higher than in the case of a common cold, especially for those people who belong to a specific risk group. As vulnerable such as older people and patients with a weakened immune system apply.

bacteria to slip through a gap in the defence

colds and especially flu virus strain, the immune system mostly to its limit. Because it is often a pathogen, the immune system must find an appropriate reaction. In this Situation, bacteria have an easy time: Many immune cells are already employed to fight off viruses. Immune messengers need to be re-formed, other components of the body’s immune system are perhaps depleted.

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bacteria defenseless the mucous membranes in the nose and the bronchi are delivered, for example. The viruses have destroyed already in the first line of defense of the immune system: the flicker of the Supreme mucus, hairs, skin cells. These small hair are usually used to ensure that microbes can be directly swept out. The cells are destroyed, the hairs, the bacteria can easily colonize the second cell line. The infected tissue is ill, therefore, and reacts with inflammation.

For a super-infection there is no need for contact with bacteria from the environment. It may also be that the ends of pathogens are disease-causing for some time in the body, but have so far successfully by the immune system under control were kept. Only as a result of infection with the virus, the thing is then out of balance.

super-infection – diagnosis at the doctor

How can a bacterial super-infection? The diagnosis is ultimately the physician takes a swab of the mucous membranes and on the bacteria investigated. The suspicion, the doctor, and antibiotics, with which the pathogens can fight rubs.

in Particular, in case of high fever, severe or persistent feeling of illness, and yellowish to greenish coloured sputum, you should see a doctor.

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