Researchers have made an interesting finding that gives hope for a happy ending: No relationship is doomed from the start, but the duration can be determined from the beginning.

According to countless online dating portals, it should be easier than ever to find the supposedly perfect partner. Some calculate coincidences of interests and opinions, others let you play games, others suggest a dream partner every day. Everything is determined using artificial intelligence and algorithms. It turned out that there is no such thing as the perfect partner. You can be with anyone, but the main question explored was: can you tell from the start how long this relationship could last? The answer is yes.

Study reveals relationship durability predictions

A psychology team from the University of Jena examined the longevity of couple relationships, with a surprising result: “Predictions about the longevity of a relationship are quite possible,” says Dr. Christina Finn. With her statement, the researcher refers to a long-term study called “pairfam” (“Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics”). To this end, almost 2000 couples were interviewed and researched over a period of seven years. “Right from the start of a relationship, predictors – i.e. certain predictive variables – can be found that provide information about whether the relationship will last or not,” according to one of the research results.

Opposites attract, but does such a relationship last?

The study was carried out with two different initial situations. Some couples started the relationship as equals and were almost as happy at the time. The others were at varying levels of happiness. Most of the breakups in the first group were due to problems that arose within the relationship. The second group, who were not equally happy, showed that these couples were more and earlier likely to break up. The conclusion of the research team: “Anyone who starts unhappily becomes even more unhappy.”

The long-term study also revealed that the old motto “opposites attract” does not primarily lead to a long relationship, but that people with similar interests and needs tend to stay together longer. But the psychologist also finds constructive words for opposite couples: “If couples separate after a while, it can still be a valuable and important phase in their lives – which may have a positive influence on the following relationships. Couples can also do things together, like living out of closeness and independence, also consciously control and work on it. No relationship is doomed to fail from the start.”

Source: University of Jena