Ex-prime minister Esko Aho (kesk) settlement position of Russian sberbank’s board of directors in Helsingin sanomat in an interview on Sunday (HS 2. 12). Aho was appointed to the left bank to the government in 2016. From the beginning, Aho has been forced on the defensive, why the former Finnish top politician goes according to the Russian money of the world, olletikin when targeting Russia already before the Aho referred to as the war in Ukraine and occupation of Crimea, as well as the EU and Us sanctions. the

– I Have crossed a long time ago, its limit, when you might think that they state affiliations, who were born as prime minister, would be somehow an obstacle to independence, Aho said in Helsinki Said. the

It is a clearing of the vision. A second opinion can be. Aho stressed that Sberbank are Kremlin stooges, but the normal business of the bank. Sberbank’s share on the Ukrainian war for the financing of speculation, however, constantly. The banking mess was also embarrassing Fennovoima financial mess in 2015, when the Croatian By Solana suddenly appeared in nuclear power plant financing. Even in modern Russia, the financial sector and the state is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish one from the other. the

Everything in addition to Clearing inexplicably insulted the HS’s interview. Aho says he was treated in the interview unfairly, what he complains the editor of the Cock to the Cape in its letter sent in an open letter. Amazing, because the interview was Aho neutral, if not positive. the
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the Clearing does not, however, from the past to get rid of. He is a former prime minister, and in 2000 he almost was elected president. Russia Aho-like ex-politician, welcome, was it the state or the bank. Aho’s role, however, is not as bothersome as another ex-prime minister Paavo Lipposella (sdp). Lipponen and former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder are given skills in Russia and Germany pull out of the Nord Stream gas pipeline mannequin. Financial compensation has been to the extent of the good that it can also function as a motive. the

the Finnish Georg Magnus Sprengtporten (1740-1819) rejected the times of the Swedish king Gustav III and defected to the Catherine II’s invitation to the Russian service. Although the incident was more than 200 years, sprengtporten’s role claim is still a matter of: patriot or traitor? the

in Modern times Aho and Lipponen, recalling former times, hats and myssyineen. Aho drive East office of the chairman of the board of the Finnish company’s business in Russia, but if the united states to expand anti-Russian sanctions policy, the Aho will have to ultimately make the sprengtporten’s choice: Usa and the west or Russia? On the other hand, Aho does not feel that he was exploited. Sometimes worth a look still mirror and ask how that other show.

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