It is the third Time within a short period of time, that a large coalition will change the basic law – this Time with the help of the Greens and the FDP, because the two-thirds majority is missing. Change these cases is the right word, because it is not only article “adapted”, but the spirit of the Constitution, be turned into its opposite. Again it comes to education policy, again it comes to the distribution of competences between the Federal state, the länder and the municipalities.

As in financial compensation or in the housing is the countries of a “burden” from the shoulders. Reasons there are always good: First it was the housing shortage, now there are school toilets, Internet connections and the “ban on Cooperation”, which had finally to fall.

oaths to be broken

The result: The Federal government may in the future impose to the municipalities, how and for whom “to be” money is used not only for infrastructure, as it is said appeasingly, but also for “quality” and staff. All oaths of subsidiarity, the Federal personal responsibility and local self-government to be broken to be able to from Berlin to determine where it goes. The country, although you stand financially better than the Federal government, the with fallen, because it is the more convenient way.

This is twisted, not only is the spirit of the Constitution, but the constitutional reality. The alleged “ban on Cooperation” has never existed – nowhere is it written that the Federal government and the Länder, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat are not allowed to cooperate.

The wrong word but it has a special charm, because with its help, an annoying pillar of the Constitution avoid: jurisdiction. The need to put politicians to the citizens in the mouth: you don’t care who is responsible, the main thing is that to be done, what needs to be done. This is the free letter for the Federal government, interfering in everything, what is desirable, and, allegedly, is absolutely necessary.

no one knows more, who’s in charge

but it Is clear who is responsible, will strengthen the Reputation of the policy, in fact, and everything really goes much faster if the Federal government breaks the tasks of the Länder and the local authorities? The opposite is the case: Whether housing, day-care centres, road construction, glass fiber, Integration, and now also education – no one knows who is responsible. Each of the shows at the end of each and need to listen to the populist talk of “state failure”. The Disadvantage is the level which knows best what the needs are urgent and how to use them – this is the software the lower, not the highest.