Emilio Sakraya put on 15 kilos of muscle mass for a movie role. The singer and actor is also making a comeback musically.

Emilio Sakraya (26) is a singer and actor. This is not ruled out for the 26-year-old, as he emphasized in an interview with the news agency spot on news. Sakraya, who appeared in films like “Bibi

He gained muscle mass for his role as Xatar

Emilio Sakraya is very ambitious. Being a singer and actor is not enough for him: he is working on “soon to switch behind the camera as a producer and director”. In the future, the 26-year-old wants to “continue to shoot extraordinary projects and play roles that are as far apart from the characters as possible”.

He can be seen in such a role from October 27 in the movie “Rheingold”, in which he plays rapper Xatar (40). “I accompanied Xatar for a year for the film and gained almost 15 kilograms of muscle mass,” reveals the actor in advance. “But I’m not really allowed to say more about it, otherwise there will be trouble,” he adds with a laugh. What other role would appeal to him? “A childhood dream is to play a superhero. Of course,” says Sakraya.

New album “1996”

There is also musical news for the 26-year-old: on July 1 he will release his new album “1996”, which stands for the year he was born. “1996 marks the beginning of everything for me,” explains Sakraya. Among other things, the song “Ausmacht” can be found on his second longplayer. Model Stefanie Giesinger (25) can be seen in the accompanying music video. “It’s always great to get to know colleagues from the same area and to exchange ideas. It was a very relaxed collaboration and a really nice video came out,” says the singer.

His songs are often about love. It is “simply essential for life,” says Sakraya. “If you don’t love, you can’t live. End of discussion,” he says with a laugh. Current and exhausting issues such as climate change, diseases and wars do not pass him by. “These are issues or problems that have always accompanied humanity,” he says. “I hope that one day we’ll be smarter and we’ll all learn. I hope that the appreciation of life and nature takes center stage and we start treating each other and nature with the respect it deserves.”

Singer, actor, soon possibly also director and producer: Emilio Sakraya’s ambition apparently knows no bounds, but “never” stands in his way, as he emphasizes: “Through him I don’t lose my vision and I know where I have to go. I would even going so far as to say that my ambition is a good compass.”