Energy supply: The Brunsbüttel dilemma: The whole drama of German energy policy is evident in this small town


    The northern German port city of Brunsbüttel is arguing about nuclear power, coal dumps, wind turbines – and now about a liquefied natural gas terminal. A lot is there, a lot is to come. Everything is controversial.

    He came by bike. 35 kilometers through the wind that sweeps across the countryside, and he’s already 72 years old. Maybe that should be a statement: anything goes. Without a car.

    Now Norbert Pralow is walking across the dyke near Brunsbüttel in shorts. Watch out, he says, the shit from the sheep is everywhere. The seagulls are screaming, on the left the Elbe, brown and sluggish, on the right a dark giant box: the decommissioned nuclear power plant. Right next to it is the “hazardous waste incineration plant”, behind it a fertilizer factory. And between all this a large meadow.

    “This is where the thing should go,” says Pralow. “Absolute madness”.