For the first time in Finland in the new year to arrange the laser light show to be implemented in the Espoo centre church park.Stock. Laser show in Berlin in 2014. ZUMAwire/MVphotos

the city of Espoo to celebrate the new year by providing the laser light show, and the traditional fireworks.

laser show starts at 18:20 Espoo centre church park.

Espoo event – and cultural services manager Lea Rintala tell you that the city is not in the organized residents of the common new year feast. In finland, the new year is celebrated usually on providing the fireworks. Espoo, thought to be old-fashioned.

– We don’t experience this day with traditional fireworks, but very good for the environment, so now we go to try for just a new option. We want to show the city values in accordance with the direction of a sustainable new year celebration and event culture.

the laser light may interfere with air traffic, so the event spread over the territory has requested a temporary flight ban.

the Event began on new year’s eve at 17:30 and ends at 19.