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EU-summit Brexit Treaty with the United Kingdom to the

10:38 PM: The heads of state and government of the remaining 27 States of the EU-the Brexit to have accepted the contract package with the UK. The EU Council President Donald Tusk said on Sunday on Twitter. Accordingly, they approved the exit agreement and a political Declaration on future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom.

win The British head of government Theresa May must now, in December, the consent of the British Parliament for the Deal. There is no majority in sight. Agree to EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and several heads of state and government called on the British MPs. This agreement was the best available, said Juncker and refused to renegotiate. Also, the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, is currently Chairman of the EU-countries, from lock Changes.

May published an emotional letter in front of Brexit summit in Brussels

Sunday, 25. November, 08.15 PM: Around two and a half years after the Brexit vote in the UK to an EU extraordinary summit in Brussels to approve on Sunday the resignation of the contract. In addition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of state and government of the rest of the remaining EU countries, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected. The summit should approve the contract package as expected, May then be a very difficult task to win the consent of the British Parliament.

May bat the British in a Sunday published a “letter to the Nation” to support the Brexit Deal. “A new Chapter in our national life begins,” wrote the head of government. According to the EU exit by the end of March 2019, it’ll give you a Moment of “renewal and reconciliation” for the country as a whole. The supporters and opponents of the disengagement from the EU would have to be a people. The UK get back by the Brexit control over his money, the laws and the borders. It was important to focus again on important issues such as the economy and the national health service NHS. The NHS is ailing and overloaded.

The letter probably belongs to a new strategy: May apply for some days propagated directly to the Public and to the economy. British media suspect that you want to increase the pressure on the Parliament in London, which must approve the agreement. In addition to the Opposition of many of Brexit-hardliners of the Conservative party and the Northern Irish DUP have announced – from may’s minority government relies on to vote against the Deal. The vote is scheduled for the first half of December.

Scholz: Can uncontrolled Brexit tackle

10.01 PM: in Front of the Brexit summit on Sunday, the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz relies on a controlled withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. Germany, however, is for an Unger Brexit apply prepared, said the SPD politician of the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “We prepare very carefully for both variants, the controlled and the uncontrolled Brexit. Both presents us with challenges that we can overcome and will be overcome”, said the Vice-Chancellor.

Sánchez affirmed in dispute over Gibraltar, threat of Brexit-Veto

Friday, 23. November, 03.32 PM: Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has confirmed in the dispute with the British territory of Gibraltar on his threat with a Veto on Brexit agreement. After a conversation with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May Sánchez wrote on Thursday in the short message service Twitter, the positions of the two sides were still far apart. “My government will always represent the interests of Spain. If there are no Changes, we will Veto the Brexit.”

Spain calls at Gibraltar for days in the case of a Veto Right on any future decisions to the territory to which it lays claim. The government in Madrid is otherwise threatened with a ‘ no ‘ to Brexit Treaty, the EU and the UK on this coming Sunday for a special summit of EU heads of state and government want to adopt.

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