EUROPEAN – In a few months, the european Parliament is renewed completely. Who is a candidate in France ? How to run these elections ? That predict the polls ?

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France insubordinate clamps for their list to the european 2019

The news of the eu of 27 November , Le Figaro tells us that on Tuesday that the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon “get rid of items deemed disruptive” : the electoral committee has removed from its list with the european names of Djordje Kuzmanovic and François Cocq, “speakers” national of the party. There are two figures of France Insubordinate, known for their positions sovereignists and very lay. the

The advantage of Hamon does neither the PS nor Ségolène Royal

news of the european of the November 26 – The movement Generation.s of Benoît Hamon does not want an alliance with the PS, nor a gathering of the left around Ségolène Royal. Then as the First secretary of the PS, Olivier, said he was open to discussions in this sense, the door appears closed on the next Generation.s. “The old devices do not interest us,” said the spokesman of the party, Mehdi Ouraoui, to France Info. It was a few days ago, in an interview with the JDD, a portrait very hard for François Hollande and Ségolène Royal, whose political comeback is likely. “This duo is toxic : it is the glyphosate to the left. Where they pass, nothing repels,” he said. the

LREM wipes the rejection of Pascal Canfin for the european

news of the european of the November 22, 2018 – Pascal Canfin announced on France Inter that it would not be a candidate on the list of the majority party. “I want to keep my freedom,” said the former secretary of State, today boss of the WWF. The Republic in March, which would have well wished to be represented by Nicolas Hulot – who has declined, continues the negotiations and the calls of the foot to find the right person to represent the president’s party in the European. A few names are circulating, that of the ministers Marlène Schiappa and Brune Poirson. the

Louis Alliot will not list RN for the european election

news of the european of the November 20, 2018 – Louis Alliot has decided to withdraw its candidature in-house, indicating on BFMTV having “decided to prefer Perpignan to any other form of political commitment, national and european level”. The vice president of the RN was also said to have thought, after having discussed it with a few yellow vests in his or her constituency. “I prefer to tackle the development of my city, of the urban community and of the département of Pyrénées-Orientales, rather than launch myself into a european debate”, he assured. According to Le Figaro, Marine Le Pen, who took note of the decision of his companion, would have already stopped his choice on the top of the list and expects that the executive office of the party decides the issue. the

France Insubordinate will have to do without Charlotte Girard for european

news of the european, November 16 2018 – Charlotte Girard waives the right to be a candidate for the France Insubordinate. His name had been advanced to constitute a pair with Manuel Bompard for the head of the list. This teaching, which is presented as a future part of the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has announced on her social networks that she was not going to a “place eligible in the list of France insubordinate to the european elections”, citing “terms of organization” and make it “incompatible with a campaign, as well as a mandate of member of the european parliament – at the level where (she) would want to lead – with (its) constraints personal, family and professional”. the

A site to convince the Europeans of the virtues of the EU

news of the european of November 15, 2018 – The european Parliament wants to convince the members of the european Union that it is useful and devoted citizens. A website has been put online that describes in a simple way and summarise the main actions carried out by the european Union to improve the lives of all the inhabitants of the member States (see here). The site allows you to see very many thematic fact sheets, and highlights the commitments for the protection of the environment, the culture, the equality of men and women, the promotion of democracy, the fight against terrorism or in the area of health and social security. the

LREM seeks women to its lists in the european elections

news of the european 14 November 2018 – The Republic in march launched a call for candidacies for the european 2019. “Only 24% of the candidates at the inauguration of LaREM for the european may 2019 are female. We don’t meet those expectations,” informed the party of Emmanuel Macron, who has posted a message carried by women – elected officials, ministers – very involved in the majority.

Dupont-Aignan optimistic for the european

news of the european of the November 12, 2018 – Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants “a union with people of integrity and a serious program”. The Sunday Newspaper, the leader of Standing the France is very optimistic for the european elections. “Members and LR of the frames RN join me”, says the one who wants to create bridges between LR, his party and the RN. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is the head of the list, where neither Marine Le Pen nor Laurent Wauquiez will be. A real opportunity for the sovereign, as the surveys put at 6 to 7% of the commencing of voting and which is intended to a score a two-digit for these european 2019. “This is the fight of my life,” he says, sitting at a table in a parisian brasserie. For twenty years, I have fought all the eu treaties and, finally, there is winning !”, enthusiasm there. The RN in the lead in the european 2019 (survey) news of the european of the November 5, 2018 – An Ifop poll gives the national Gathering in the lead in voting intentions for the european elections, in the case where Ségolène Royal is the application PS. The party of Marine Le Pen would then be 21% of the vote, ahead of LREM (19%). The socialist Party does due to win that 7.5% if the former candidate to the presidential is the head of the list socialist – a scenario that she excludes for the moment. If she is not a candidate, then LREM and the RN are set equal to 20% of intentions of vote each (see below in the part devoted to surveys).

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The Parliament of the european Union is renewed every 5 years. The next european elections, which take place in the month of may in 2019, will allow citizens of all member countries of the Union to designate who will be the members of the european parliament until 2024. The election in France, will be the first since the legislative elections which gave a majority to Emmanuel Macron. There is no doubt, therefore, that the results of this european election will take on a national dimension : a part of the French citizens will, without doubt, to mark their support to the government or to punish its policy.

Since 1979, and the first ballot, each european election is – also – a way for voters to express themselves on the policy conducted at the national level, which, for many observers, skews the outcome of the election and thus the composition of the european Parliament. In 2019, however, the French will have a choice between political parties, whose position on Europe is quite decided : citizens can choose between the pro-european, committed to the institution and who defend the idea of more integration ; the sovereigntists euro-compatible, who want to reform the Union and fight against any form of federalism ; the anti-european Union, who consider that France must either impose new negotiations on the existing treaties, or to leave the Union ; the strong opponents of the european Union, who want what they come out of the “straitjacket” of Brussels.

Date of the european elections

The election will not be held on the same day in all the countries of the european Union, it is usually held from Thursday to Sunday of the same week. On 20 march, the Council of the european Union has proposed to the Parliament that the european elections have been held from 23 to 26 may 2019. These dates were chosen, which means that the election will be held in France Sunday may 26, 2019 . Given the mode of the election, there is only a single date, since there is only one turn with a single wave of results for the european elections at the national level.

european Elections : voting procedures

In all the countries of the european Union, the european election takes place by direct universal suffrage on a list system and proportional representation. However, there are specificities according to countries of the Union. Most organizes a vote on a single constituency, at the national level. A few countries have decided to create regional constituencies : Italy, Poland, Belgium, Ireland (the United Kingdom, now excluded from the ballot). Different lists are available : there is an election in each constituency.

France has returned to the constitution of a national list unique, a change finally validated by the Parliament. The european elections in 2019, thus mark the end of the ballot in 8 different constituencies (East, South-West, South-East, Massif central-Centre, the Île-de-France, North-West, West and overseas). The executive has justified this decision, speaking of a reform that provides “the guarantee of enhanced readability for the voter and an evolution consistent with the desire to strengthen the european nature of the election”.

Election european in France

The treaty of Lisbon in 2009 established the number of meps to 751. France has 73 elected, that is to say a phad less than 10% of the whole of the room. But given the Brexit and the output of the United Kingdom of the european Union, things are changing. The committee on constitutional affairs of the european Parliament proposes that the number of seats is reduced to 705 with a redistribution to a few countries. France could see an increase in the number of meps assigned to, 73 to 79.

Surveys on the european elections

Careful with early surveys released : the european election campaign will begin in a few months, it is unclear, moreover, what will all the political parties engaged in the election, if there will be reconciliations and amalgamations of lists in the first round. It also ignores, for a number of parties, which political personalities will lead this campaign and who will be the candidate.

The latest survey, carried out by Elabe for BFMTV, gives the national Gathering of Marine Le Pen leading voting intentions , in front of the party, Emmanuel Macron. None of these two political parties have not invested in top of the list. Here are the results of this survey : NPA : 0,5% ; PCF : 2,5% ; BIA : 11% ; Generation.s : 2,5% ; EELV : 7% ; PS : 7% ; LREM : 19,5% ; IDU : 4% ; LR : 15% ; DLF : 6,5% ; RN : 20% patriots : 1% ; UPR : 0,5%.

November 4, 2018 , a study has been carried out by Ifop for The Letter of the Expansion. Here are the results of this survey are based on the assumptions. Hypothesis 1 – the most probable, at this time of Ségolène Royal is not a candidate for the PS : LREM 20% ; RN 20% ; and LR 13% ; BIA 11% ; EELV 7% ; DLF UP 6.5% ; PS 6% ; CPF 3% ; Generation.s 3% ; IDU 3% ; UPR 3% ; NPA, 1%, Patriots 1%. In the hypothesis 2 – Ségolène Royal is a candidate for the PS, then the RN is credited with 21% of voting intentions, LREM, 19%, LR 13%, and the PS of 7.5% of the vote.

September 5, 2018 , a study was published by the institute Ifop for Paris Match, CNews and Sud Radio. Here are the results of this poll : LREM and Modem : 20% ; national Rally : 17% ; Republicans : 15% ; France Rebellious : 14% ; EELV : 7.5 per cent ; Standing France : 6,5% ; socialist Party : 6% ; Generation.s : 3% ; IDU : 2,5% ; PCF : 2% ; NPA : 2% Patriots : 1% ; UPR : 0,5%.

July 12, 2018, a survey was conducted by Ipsos for The World, and Sciences Po . According to this study, intentions to vote are the following : LREM and Modem : 26% ; RN : 18% ; LR : 15% ; BIA : 13% ; DLF : 7% ; PS : 4% ; Generation.s : 4% ; EELV : 4% ; IDU : 3% ; LO : 1% ; NPA : 1% ; PCF : 1% Patriots : 1% ; UPR : 1% ; Resist ! : 1%.

June 28, 2018, Fifg has published a survey of a large sample of 1504 persons for CNews and Sud Radio. The voting intentions were the following : LREM and Modem to the head (23%), followed by RN, ex-FN (19%), LR (15%), France Insubordinate (11%), PS (6%), EELV (6%), Standing France (6%), Generation.s (3%), the PCF (2,5%), IDU (2.5%), patriots (1%), UPR (1%), far left (1%).

may 30, 2018, Elabe conducted a poll for BFMTV . In the lead in voting intentions : LREM, credited with 24% of the vote, followed by the national Front (19.5 per cent). Then come The Republicans (15%), France insubordinate (10%), EELV (8%) and the socialist party (6%). Standing in France is credited with 5.5% of voting intentions, the IDU and Act of 2%, the list of Patriots of 1.5%, Generation.s of 1.5%, the IDU 1%, as the PCF.

may 16, 2018, an Ifop poll to current Values tested also all of the political formations. The party that comes in mind is LREM (27%), ahead of the national Front (17%), Republicans (15%), France Insubordinate (14%), the socialist Party (7%), Standing France (6%), EELV (3%). Generations – the party of Benoît Hamon – is credited with 3% of the vote. Note : 8% of the respondents indicated that they would vote for an “other” political party.

A first indicator had been given in December 2017 , with a survey conducted by Ifop for Le Figaro. This survey gave the following results in terms of voting intentions : LREM and Modem : 26% ; national Front : 17% ; France Rebellious : 14% ; Republicans : 12% ; socialist Party : 8% ; Standing France : 6% ; EELV : 4% ; Act and IDU : 3.5 percent ; Patriots : 2% ; communist Party : 2% ; UPR : 1.5 per cent.

european Elections : who is a candidate ?

Few political parties have nominated their candidates, if only the heads of lists which will be the campaign of the european 2019. Overview by training policy :

The european election in France Insubordinate

The party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon has already chosen : the two candidates heading the list of the Untamed will be Charlotte Girard and Manuel Bompard. The first is a university of 43 years, lecturer in public law at Nanterre, the second is a mathematician of 32 years. Both are very close to the former candidate to the presidential election. For the time being, it is a “duo”, but the electoral committee of The France Insubordinate will soon have to decide to find out who is the true head of the list.

For the moment, it is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is first in line. It is he who mobilized his troops Tuesday 30 October meeting in Lille. The leader of France insubordinate wants to make the european elections a referendum against Emmanuel Macron. “If you do want more of this gentleman who fill in France with the directives of the european Commission, you have a ballot,” he defended on BFMTV, adding, in reference to the resignation of Charles de Gaulle in 1969 : “in the Past, the chairsnts fought referendums went. One can imagine that it would include so that it is necessary to party”.

The european elections the French communist Party

No alliance with France Insubordinate. The PCF has already invested his own head of the list, Ian Brossat, assistant to the city hall of Paris. The communists do not exclude a rapprochement with the party of Benoît Hamon, discussions should be held in the month of September.

The european election of the socialist Party

In the midst of reconstruction, the PS account on the european election to turn the page on the disaster of the presidential election. To remobilize its electorate, the party hoped to convince Christiane Taubira to the top of the list for the ballot, but the former minister of Justice has declined the proposal. Time is of the essence and no one really seems to be unanimously agreed to. 3 contenders have expressed their willingness to run for the top of the list : Pierre Moscovici, Julien Dray and Christian Eckert.

Ségolène Royal, candidate to the european 2019 ?

The former candidate to the presidential election 2012 will be a candidate in the european elections ? And if yes, what is the training policy ? “I think”, she replied mischievously to journalists who questioned him at the end of October on France Inter. “It is true that today I am asked, I look at it,” she advised, adding : “This was not my idea nor the route that I had imagined to be a candidate and to immerse themselves in the political life with the events that it represents”. But today, obviously, things have changed. Ségolène Royal said that she would give an answer “in the month of January” about his intentions. It is likely, if she chooses to campaign, as it does not the list socialist, but rather a list environmentalist and left, broader. PS, in any case, this possibility does not seem ruled out. The First secretary, Olivier Faure, said last week that Ségolène Royal was “a great figure of the left and ecology, and as such, she can embody this gathering”. This application would change dramatically to the left : what of the relevance of a nomination of Benoît Hamon, who intends to bring his motion, Generation.s ? What about EELV, which counts on the european to weigh in the political game ? Up where Ségolène Royal, could they gather ?

The european election of EELV

environmentalists are confident in the mep incumbent and former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot. The latter intends to lead his party in this election without alliance with the formation of Benoît Hamon, Generation.s. The Journal of Sunday, August 19, Yannick Jadot considered that the campaign with the one that finally got 6% of the vote was “a defeat fairly resounding”. And to add : “It is not forbidden to learn from its mistakes”. Yannick Yadot seems convinced that EELV has any interest to stand out. “The european election is the only election where the voters vote for conviction. It is a vote of clarity. Our priority is to bring together ecologists across a line clear, not to make the old policy with its agreements of devices and its confusion,” he says in the JDD.

The european election in a Generation.s

It is likely that Benoît Hamon is the head of the list for the european elections, but nothing is stopped. The old socialist candidate, who has left his party last fall to create its own training, account on this election to make a living in the media his political party. At the end of August 2018, he told the JDD that he does not “déroberait not”. The Point revealed in early October that it was entrusted to a few journalists, in private, leaving filtered his intentions : “I don démens not that I’m preparing,” he reportedly said. “The european is a serious fight. If there should be a list Generation·S, it is clear that it is up to me to go there,” he reportedly added.

The european election of LREM

While the polls suggest the party of Christophe Castaner a victory in the european election, the question of the incarnation of the campaign is even more sensitive. LREM wishes to renew the performance of the general elections of June 2017, capitalizing on the many nominations from the civil society, especially that of public figures could be involved. For several weeks, it is the same question to convince the astronaut Thomas Pesquet… The name of Nicolas Hulot to bring the list of the party of the president is also with insistence.

The european election for The Republicans

Laurent Wauquiez will he go to the coal ? If a few frames the incite – Nicolas Sarkozy in particular, the boss of LR would not have to be top of the list for the european election of may 26, 2019. For the time being, the three personalities of the right have expressed their desire to wear the list LR : Nadine Morano, Rachida Dati, and Brice Hortefeux. Three sarkozystes historical.

The european election of the national Rally (RN, ex-FN)

The RN (ex-FN) and Standing France will not make a common list for the european elections. However, in may 2018, Marine Le Pen had made a large step towards its ally in the second round of the presidential election, taking the pen to write an open letter directly addressed to Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. She proposed an approximation for the election of 2019, but without offering him the head of udo not list common. She asked him simply with a “symbolic presence” with it “to the last places of the list”. The leader of Standing the France replied in the negative.

Louis Aliot, vice-president of RN, is a candidate for the nomination of the head of the list, and seems to be the favourite to wear the campaign for his party. Jean-Marie Le Pen, to him, would prefer to see a historical framework of the extreme right take control of the head of the list. In his “journal”, weekly appointment that he provides on his Internet site, Jean-Marie Le Pen spoke in mid-October openly about the election and gives his opinion on the best candidate : “Bruno Gollnisch seems to me to be the man most qualified to hold the head of the list,” he says, before adding : “I accept myself to be in it”.

The european election of DLF

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, leader of Debout la France, has formalized his candidacy in the european elections on the 23rd of September, at the congress of his party, the Cirque d’hiver. It calls for a new union of the right : “Our list is the wonderful opportunity to gather all patriots and republicans, of where they come from”, he launched to his supporters, daring even to this appeal to the leaders of RL and RN, Laurent Wauquiez, and Marine Le Pen : “You are not candidates […]. Support our list of union, the only one that will be a good right-to-Macron”.

That vote in the european election ?

All european citizens can vote for the european elections. In France, to participate in the ballot, there must be at least 18 years old, reside on the French territory must be a citizen of a member country of the european Union and not to be deprived by law of their civil and political rights. Foreigners can, therefore, vote in this election and choose one of the lists presented by France, on condition that it be inscribed on the electoral lists.

the Results of the european election

Currently, the distribution of seats, after the results of the european in 2014, is the following : 20 elected Republicans and the like ; 17 elected national Front and the like ; 13 elected socialists and the like ; 7 elected centrist ; 6 elected EELV ; 4 elected France insubordinate and PCF ; 3 elected to The Patriots and 4 non-registered.

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