Facebook Users can get back in the Messenger news, too. You have made a typing error or the wrong recipient contacted, press the User button within a few minutes the Lasso. In a Pop-Up window Facebook Messenger informs you that the message will be deleted from the Chat.If the User selects “Unsend”, removed Facebook Messenger, the message from the Chat history. The receiver gets nothing. Unlike WhatsApp Facebook dispensed with the note “the message has been deleted by the recipient”.

Facebook employees use the Lasso function already for years, The Lasso-function is not new. Facebook employees are testing the Feature since 2014 on the Social network. Mark Zuckerberg revealed this Detail at an event six months ago.The Facebook founder said that 2014 had led to a hack attack at Sony Pictures and the release of sensitive data that Facebook wanted to improve the communication at the enterprise level. The Unsend feature, with the news back get the can belonged to. For Download: Secure Alternatives to WhatsApp free Download -rating-Signal (formerly: text secure) – Android App 4.29.7 Chip rating a Good Signal, formerly of “TextSecure Private Messenger”, is an Android Messenger with end-to-end encryption, which now allows telephony. Download Signal – Private Messenger for iPhone-App 2.24.1-Chip rating Well Now anonymously chat: The iPhone App “Signal – Private Messenger” enables free encrypted phone calls and Chats under the Signal-to-users. For Download Threema Android App 3.15 Chip-assessment Very well With Threema, you chat, thanks to encryption secure against eavesdropping with your friends. For Download Threema iPhone- / iPad-App 4.0 Chip rating Very good secure WhatsApp is Threema Alternative for iOS with multiple security. Download Telegram Android App 4.8.6 Chip rating Good Secure WhatsApp clone: Telegram is a Messenger, with a focus on security – the functionality is similar to that of WhatsApp. Download Telegram Messenger iPhone- / iPad-App-4.8.1 Chip-assessment Well more Secure than WhatsApp, and now in brand new Version: The Messenger Telegram for iPhone and iPad relies on encryption and allows for secure Chats with your friends. To Download you get a message Who wants to delete a message in Facebook Messenger, should no longer select pressed.It is a Pop-Up window appears.There you can select “Delete”.Similar to WhatsApp, the choice between “erase me”, “all delete” or “cancel” emerges. Facebook is regarded as a late bloomer, a User can retrieve a message, many messengers. Instagram and WhatsApp introduced the Feature this year. According to its own figures, the global number of monthly active Facebook-Messenger-users was approximately 1.3 billion.An assessment of the Digtalverbands Bitkom revealed that around 28 million people in Germany use the Facebook Messenger. 46 percent of active Internet users. The percentage of WhatsApp is twice as high at 81 percent and about 50 million active users. Shop recommendation for Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM (81A6005RGE)199,99 €Shop199,99 €Shop292,00 €Zum shop offer BestCheck.de | prices incl. VAT, plus VAT. Shipping more offers