The Podcast deals with topics such as the Blockchain-technology, Artificial intelligence and E-Health, and asks questions such as: Must be the Internet local? How we will work in the future? How are we going to go to the doctor?Was produced, the season of ball and kidney, and icon Media. Presenter Christian Alt, Journalist, Podcaster, and author with a focus on Internet and society. Fast Forward – The future of the podcast The topics of the first season in Total, these six episodes are available for Download:Why privacy is a topic for the future; with Paul-Bernhard Kallen, CEO Burda, Marc Al-Hames, CEO of Cliqz and Anne Professor of privacy Riechert,.Must be the network of local? Ina Remmers, co-founder of discussed with psychologist Sarah Diefenbach, which explores the phenomenon of Social Media.How you can invent with technology journalism new; with Oliver Eckert, CEO of Burda Forward and Wiebke Loosen, Professor of data journalism.The Blockchain is just an empty Hype, or really the technology of the future? Ingo beet Botlabs talks with Friederike Ernst from the Blockchain Association.How we will work in the future? Marc-Sven Kopka Xing with the founders of Tandemploy, Jana Tepe and Anna Kaiser, of the New Work in large companies.How is the health care of the future? Florian Know in conversation with Markus Müschenich, MD, mph from the medical incubator Flying Health. Pilot episode: data protection focus on data protection is not moved to the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the attention of the media and people. In the pilot episode, Burda CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Marc Al-Hames, the Executive Director of the privacy browser, Cliqz and Anne discuss Riechert, a Professor of privacy law, about why people should use your personal data to be protected, and why we need a better Internet.The first season of “Fast Forward” is now aufiTunes to find Soundcloud,Spotify, and podigee every.Note: is a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media