France continues to lose doctors, and territorial inequalities are widening. This is the observation of the national Council of the order of physicians (Cnom), which published Tuesday’s edition 2018 of its atlas of the medical population. On the 1st of January last, France had 217.107 active physicians, a figure that is rising by 0.5 % year on year, in addition to, 17.373 practitioners in accumulated employment pension (+ 3.1 per cent). But these data are the trompe-l’oeil. If we exclude the retired and the replacements, the number of doctors in regular activity, decreased by 0.1 % to 198.081, after having fallen by 10 % since 2010.

The feminization continues : 47% of the doctors in regular activity are women

general practitioners are the first to be affected: they are more than 87.801 in 2018, down 0.4 % year on year and 7 % since 2010. A situation that will not improve: the France should lose as much by 2025. With 24 % of general practitioners aged above 60 years, and only 21 % are below 40 years of age, “the generation renewal is not assured,” said Patrick …

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